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Innovative Ways to Raise Funds for Your Business - Meetup May 2018

Finding funding sources to grow is one of the most commonly requested topics in our Digital Dun Laoghaire Meetup Feedback forms so at our May Meetup we will look at interesting and innovative ways to do this.


Keith Recommends

A really interesting case study is

There is a lot in the Australian media about Brighte, they have just secured funding from NAB (big 4 Australian Bank)

Second weblink I recommend is Linkedin

Andrea Recommends

Independent Finance Providers of Ireland

Non-profit organisation designed to give Irish SMEs information about and access to some of the non-bank finance providers in Ireland.

Think Business provides practical, actionable information and guidance on starting, growing and running a business. It offers guides, tools, templates, checklists and a wealth of other content tailored to meet the needs of Irish business owners and managers. It also showcases case studies, with insights, tips and advice from Irish start-up entrepreneurs and business owners.

Article: Zebra companies offer an alternative to the unicorn fantasy

A great piece that encourages you to ask what type of business are you really building and what is it that you need to thrive and survive.

David Recommends Attendees recommended -